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Five Strategy games that you can play on mobiles anytime

Gamers can often be broadly classified under two groups – Action/Adventure gamers and strategy gamers. If you are someone who prefers hear-pounding, adrenaline rushing fast-paced tournaments, you must be trying out action gamers. Whereas if you are someone who would like to squeeze your brains and solve a riddle, your forte is strategy games. Over a period of time, both the gaming segment has grown much bigger in size.

Our focus for this post is on strategy games. Strategy games requires you to use your intellect to outsmart your opponents. It is perhaps this season why strategy games are extremely popular. A lot of people prefer brain over brawl approach and this popularity of the strategy games is anybody’s guess.

Strategy games are some of the oldest games known to humans. Games like rummy, poker, bridge, chess, and board games were already popular even in the pre-internet days. The advent of technology brought digitalized version of many of these games and they are soaring in popularity. The only difference between the online and offline version of these strategy games is the setting, the basic premise of using your brains to win remains the same.

Have you seen the rapid increase in the number of strategy games on the App Store and Play Store? Both the stores are packed with real-life strategy games giving you a strategic experience that you are craving for.

Strategy games are preferred by many as they are a real test of cognitive ability and other mental skills. In many of these games, you have to plan and predict your opponents’ next move and play accordingly.

In this post, we have a collection of five strategy games which rattle your brains. If you think you have it in you to win any of these games, jump into the field today.


Chess is probably the oldest strategy game which has managed to stay relevant even after the influx of several strategy games. There are plenty of free apps available to play chess on Android, iOS, and Windows OS with impressive graphics. It contains all the basic stuffs and also available at various levels of difficulty.


If you want a more challenging task for your brain, then you must try online rummy. It is only of the most-played card games around the world. Different variants of rummy are available. However, the most popular variant is Indian Rummy or Paplu. The objective of the game is to arrange the 13 cards dealt into proper sequences and/or sets.

For a successful declaration, a players to declare with two sequences at least out of which one must be a pure sequence. To play rummy online, you can download rummy online for your Android or iOS systems or simply play using a simple browser. Along with playing for fun, players can also get an opportunity to win real cash prizes and other rewards.


Poker is a family of card games which combines strategy, the skill of the player with some betting involved. Each player bets based on the strength of his hand and subsequent players should either match the bet or increase or fold. The player who holds the strongest hand wins the pot amount. The game which was largely restricted within the American market is now available worldwide thanks to a number of Poker sites that have sprung up in the recent past. T

There‘s a widespread misconception that Poker is a game based on luck. Contrary to the popular perception, it is only through poker skills and strategies, a player can win the game and this has been proven so many times in the past. There are plenty of materials and videos available on online poker strategies. Reading and watching them might help you.


Remember the game that was available everyday on Newspapers and Magazines. We grew up playing these games. Playing the game continuously increases your mental capabilities and helps your perform at your fullest potential. Thousands of sites are offering the game at multiple difficulty levels. Being not heavy on graphics, the game allows you to focus on the game completely.

Clash Royale

From the makers of the iconic clash of clans comes the next game, Clash Royale. You will have to defend your crown while targeting your opponent’s thrown in a card game based battle. You must analyze the strengths and weakness of different cards and use them strategically. The longer you play, the more trophies you collect and the more cards you unlock. The game is available for free in Google Play Store.

Kids play adventure games; adults play action games; whereas Legends play strategy games.

If you’ve got a thing or two for strategy games, these are the games that you must try out. Unlike action games which lack replayability factor, strategy games carry an inherent replayability factor as the strategies vary with the game.

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