Top Hidden Features of an iPhone

Many people love iPhones for different reasons. This is because iPhones provide support for all the apps that most people want, they are easy to resell and they can last longer than Android phones. You can enjoy a variety of casinojoka games with your iPhone. Therefore, there are a lot of features iPhones have that you must know as shown in this article.

Catches Dishonest People

If you have been in a situation whereby you do not know the last number you have dialed and you did not save it but you have to use it, not to worry. What you simply have to do is just redial the number and then press the green call button then the last dialed number will then appear.

Make the Touch ID Work Faster

Sometimes you have to use your phone instantly and it takes ages to unlock it. What you simply have to do is save the same print a lot of times as different entries and watch your print ID work faster.

Recently closed apps

Sometimes you do close an app by mistake and you still want to use it but you did not take note of which app it was. This can be annoying but what you can do is tap and hold on the plus symbol in the safari on the tab when you playing real money casino games. Then view to open a screen that lists all the closed tabs then you are done.

You Can Download Songs From Any Website

In addition, you can have access to your favorite songs with an iPhone downloading them from any website.

In conclusion, these are some of the features you probably didn’t know about an iPhone. If you don’t have an iPhone, this is your chance to buy one and experience these amazing features.


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