Do online casino affiliates make good money

The affiliate industry is not exactly new, but it benefits from a steady influx of members. Online casinos, sports books and poker rooms like the popular PlayUK website have long used it as a catalyst to boost the community of players. Those who sign up for an account through the referral links provided by the affiliates will bring them a steady source of income. Bringing new players into the fold is the challenge of online casino affiliates, but those who succeed are lavishly rewarded for their efforts. Not all of them win the big money, but the scalable rewards act as a strong incentive to persevere.

An indissoluble link between effort and payment

Online gambling is regarded as an easy source of income only by the naïve punters. Those who play often know that research, the use of math and the right strategy are just as important as luck. In the affiliate business, hard work is even more valuable and it is the only way to succeed. That’s because competition is intense and you are always in a race against other affiliates, with only the most dedicated once thriving.

At the bottom of the food chain, the rewards for ineffective affiliates are few. They feel that there’s no point in trying any longer, but that’s simply because they don’t do everything by the book. With each step made up the ladder, rewards get better and even those who are either the middle of the pack can make a nice passive income. This is, in fact, the beauty of such programs, as they deliver a stream of steady rewards that have the potential of getting better in time.

Smart affiliates know that the initial profits are small, but they quickly add up if you do things right. Casinos and affiliate programs provide newcomers with useful instruments to succeed. Advertising and marketing tools help bring in new players, while ongoing campaigns keep them happy. Affiliates can tinker with bonuses and other promotional offers that have the merit of keeping players active. They are paid based on how much money players lose and given the house edge, this is more or less inevitable.

No contest with corporate affiliates

Even the most successful individual affiliates will be disappointed if they compare their income to what their corporate counterparts made. The latter have access to significantly more resources and as a result they end up winning much more. They also have greater costs, since they employ large teams and pay salaries, bigger taxes and other benefits. On the other hand, they have huge amounts at their disposal and they can negotiate the deals with the casinos much better.

To put things into perspective, a highly successful individual affiliate can make tens of thousands of dollars per month. The best ones can even cross the psychological threshold of $100,000, which is a lot of money by any standards. Corporate affiliates on the other hand, make seven digit amounts with ease and they dominate the industry with an iron fist.

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