Little Cigars – Why are They Trending in the Age of E-Cigarettes

It wasn’t so long ago that e-cigarettes started making the rounds because of their impressive tech. And while people saw the tech-powered tricks, they stayed for the nicotine kicks.

Since then, e-cigarettes have been gaining traction among young and older adults.

But in the face of popular e-cigarette brands that look more like flash drives than anything else, little cigars are gradually yet certainly establishing themselves as solid competition to these gadgets.

They are increasingly gaining fame among professionals and college students, primarily due to their immense benefits compared to e-cigarettes.

Why Little Cigars are Charming People Left, Right, and Center

E-cigarettes might be the new kid on the block, but little cigars have been around for a while. That is why they have been a sought-after item among seasoned smokers for a few years. That’s where the preference by older professionals comes in.

But with that, they have recently started gaining popularity among the younger crowd that wants alternative smoking options to conventional cigarettes.

And there are plenty of reasons why that’s happening in the first place.

They Are Cost Efficient

First and foremost, little cigars have the cost factor working for them by a large margin. Compared to the hundreds of dollars people spend on expensive e-cigarettes and e-liquids, little cigars cost a mere few bucks.

This means anyone could easily afford these mini cigars even if e-cigarettes or their so-called starter kits are out of range for their pockets.

This makes it highly popular among younger adults, who view cost-efficiency as the game’s name.

They Are Convenient

Charging your e-cigarette and replenishing it with e-liquids could be quite a hassle. This is especially true when you are constantly on the move.

Compared to that trouble, little cigars don’t need to be charged. Like conventional cigarettes, you could take one out of its box and start smoking whenever you see fit. There is no charging port needed beforehand.

They are similar in consumption to traditional cigarettes. But these mini cigars still provide the same hint of flavor and quality you have come to enjoy from conventional cigars.

They Promise and Deliver Variety

E-cigarettes have plenty of flavorful liquids to offer to their consumers. But as explained above, these variations don’t come cheap.

Compared to those options, little cigars promise a choice of flavors that remains just as interesting. The flavors range from fun and fruity variations to darker and niche notes. They provide a magnificent array of options while promising a nicotine-hit to enjoy. 

They Provide Good Value

Considering all the factors, little cigars are cost-effective and provide good value.

Apart from being inexpensive, they never compromise on quality or the overall smoking experience, making them an excellent choice for dedicated and casual smokers.

That is why it is no wonder to see them gaining so much popularity currently, where good value for money surpasses most qualities in consumer goods.

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