Let the Race Begin (a techno-political experiment)

The 2008 presidential race is in full swing. LiveGadgets.net thought it would be interesting to write a set of gadgets to support the front runners (Democrats and Republicans). The following gadgets are available for Windows Vista Sidebar, Live.com and Google home pages, Windows Live Spaces and as code snippets for your personal blog and/or website.

Below each of the gadgets is a “virtual straw poll” if you will**. It shows the number of downloads for each of the candidate’s gadgets, so vote for your favorite by downloading his/her gadget now!

To download any of these gadgets, click on the candidate’s name underneath of the gadget. More gadgets are on the way as other front runners emerge (Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani or Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney perhaps?)

Vote for Barack Obama
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Vote for Hillary Clinton
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Vote for John McCain
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** Automatically updates every 5 minutes. Results are not scientific.