Need a Gadget?

Need a Gadget?

Would you like a gadget to showcase your company or organization? We can work with you to develop a gadget to your exact requirements. Click on the Gadget Gallery tab to download some examples. Contact at [email protected] for details.

Just Some of the Gadget We’ve Written

Take a look at just some of the gadgets that we’re written. Some were commissioned by clients. Some were written just for the fun of it. And some are engineering samples that were never released to the public.

Click on the smaller image below to see a full sized image.

Client FAQ:

How much will it cost?

A simple gadget costs less than you might think.

How long will it take?

In a rush? We can turn around a gadget from design to production as little as a few weeks; typically under a month.

Who owns the code?

The source code is owned by you.

Is there any special server software need to host my gadget?

Any modern web server can host a web gadget. Typically on the web server you already operate: IIS, Apache, etc (it does not have to be IIS). develops but does not host your gadget.

Windows Vista Sidebar gadget to not require a server and can be published on Microsoft’s

Where do gadgets run?

Gadgets actually execute as XML, CSS and JavaScript on the clients computer. There is no server side code needed to run a gadget. Microsoft’s will keep a list of a user’s bookmarked gadgets and the client’s browser will load it from your server as required.

I’d like to get started

Great. You can contact at [email protected]. Please include a short description of the gadget. A representative will contact you.